1: 1. Avocado toast with a twist: Add poached egg and sriracha for a spicy kick.

2: 2. Creamy avocado pasta: Blend avocado with lemon juice for a light, flavorful sauce.

3: 3. Avocado chocolate mousse: Mix ripe avocado with cocoa powder for a healthy dessert.

4: 4. Avocado smoothie: Combine avocado with banana, spinach, and almond milk for a nutritious drink.

5: 5. Avocado fries: Coat avocado slices in breadcrumbs and bake for a crispy snack.

6: 6. Avocado salad dressing: Blend avocado with lime juice and olive oil for a creamy dressing.

7: 7. Avocado sushi rolls: Replace fish with avocado for a vegetarian twist on sushi.

8: 8. Avocado ice cream: Mix ripe avocado with condensed milk for a creamy, indulgent treat.

9: 9. Avocado burger: Use avocado slices as a healthy, flavorful topping for burgers.

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