1: Uncover the truth behind common financial myths. Don't let misconceptions derail your financial goals.

2: Myth: Renting is always a waste of money. Truth: Renting can be a smart choice in certain circumstances.

3: Myth: Buying a house is always a good investment. Truth: Homeownership isn't for everyone.

4: Myth: Credit cards are evil. Truth: Responsible credit card use can actually benefit your finances.

5: Myth: You need a lot of money to start investing. Truth: You can start investing with as little as $100.

6: Myth: Carrying a balance on your credit card helps your credit score. Truth: Paying off your balance in full is best for your credit.

7: Myth: You don't need a budget if you have a steady income. Truth: Budgeting is crucial for everyone, regardless of income.

8: Myth: Financial advisors are only for the wealthy. Truth: Financial advisors can help people at any income level.

9: Myth: It's too late to start saving for retirement. Truth: It's never too late to start saving for your future.

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