1: 10 Unbelievable AI Myths Debunked AI can't think for itself. Myth debunked: AI can solve complex problems autonomously.

2: AI will take over the world. Myth debunked: AI technology is controlled and programmed by humans.

3: AI is too expensive for small businesses. Myth debunked: AI solutions are scalable and affordable.

4: AI is only for tech experts. Myth debunked: AI tools are user-friendly and accessible to all.

5: AI is not ethical. Myth debunked: Ethical guidelines are in place to ensure responsible AI use.

6: AI will replace human workers. Myth debunked: AI enhances human productivity and efficiency.

7: AI is infallible. Myth debunked: AI can make mistakes and requires human oversight.

8: AI is only for large corporations. Myth debunked: AI solutions are available for businesses of all sizes.

9: AI is a threat to humanity. Myth debunked: AI technology is designed to benefit society, not harm it.

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