1: "Yoga Poses for Relaxation - Start with Child's Pose, a calming stretch for the back and hips."

2: "Forward Fold - Release tension in the hamstrings and spine with this classic pose."

3: "Downward Dog - Stretch the entire body and find calm through this energizing pose."

4: "Tree Pose - Improve balance and focus while stretching the legs and arms."

5: "Warrior II - Strengthen the legs and open the hips for a powerful stance."

6: "Seated Forward Bend - Lengthen the spine and calm the mind with this gentle stretch."

7: "Corpse Pose - Relax deeply and let go of tension with this final relaxation pose."

8: "Cat-Cow Stretch - Improve spinal flexibility with this gentle flow of movements."

9: "Cobra Pose - Open the chest and stretch the front body for a heart-opening experience."

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