1: "Deep Belly Breathing" Practice diaphragmatic breathing to relax your body and mind.

2: "Wall Supported Hamstring Stretch" Use a wall to enhance your hamstring stretch and release tension.

3: "Cat-Cow Stretch with Breathwork" Combine cat-cow stretch with deep breathing for a calming effect.

4: "Seated Spinal Twist with Visualization" Twist your spine and visualize releasing stress and tightness.

5: "Child's Pose with Gentle Swaying" Incorporate gentle swaying in child's pose for deeper relaxation.

6: "Puppy Pose with Shoulder Opener" Try puppy pose to open up your shoulders and ease tension.

7: "Standing Forward Fold with Neck Stretch" Fold forward and stretch your neck for a soothing effect.

8: "Lying Quad Stretch with Hip Opener" Release hip tension with a lying quad stretch for relaxation.

9: "Pilates Roll-Up with Mindful Movement" Engage in pilates roll-up with mindful movements to unwind effectively.

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