1: 1. Store homemade salsa in airtight containers. 2. Keep salsa refrigerated to extend its shelf life. 3. Use glass jars for better preservation.

2: 1. Avoid storing salsa in metal containers. 2. Keep salsa away from direct sunlight. 3. Consider freezing excess salsa for longer storage.

3: 1. Label containers with date of preparation. 2. Use salsa within a week for best flavor. 3. Stir salsa before serving to mix flavors evenly.

4: 1. Add a layer of oil on top of salsa before storing. 2. Use smaller containers to store individual servings. 3. Avoid leaving salsa at room temperature for extended periods.

5: 1. Keep salsa away from strong odors in the refrigerator. 2. Use fresh ingredients to ensure longer shelf life. 3. Serve salsa in small portions to avoid contamination.

6: 1. Opt for airtight containers with a rubber seal. 2. Use a spoon to scoop salsa instead of fingers. 3. Check salsa for signs of spoilage before serving.

7: 1. Keep salsa away from raw meat and seafood. 2. Use salsa within 3-5 days for optimal freshness. 3. Store salsa at the back of the refrigerator for consistent temperature.

8: 1. Consider vacuum-sealing salsa for extended storage. 2. Keep salsa away from high humidity areas. 3. Use salsa as a topping for various dishes to use it up quickly.

9: 1. Transfer salsa to smaller jars for frequent use. 2. Refrigerate salsa within two hours of preparation. 3. Use salsa as a marinade to prolong its freshness.

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