1: Discover Japan's KFC Christmas tradition - a festive meal enjoyed by many as an alternative to traditional holiday feasts.

2: In Iceland, try fermented shark - a delicacy known for its strong smell and acquired taste among locals and adventurous foodies.

3: Experience the South Korean delicacy, Sannakji - live octopus known for its unique texture and potential choking hazard if not chewed properly.

4: Travel to China and witness the tradition of "Longevity Noodles" - symbolizing a long and healthy life, these noodles are a staple in birthday celebrations.

5: Explore the Moroccan tradition of eating with your hands - a cultural practice that emphasizes bonding and connection with the food and fellow diners.

6: Head to Mexico and try Maguey worm salt - a traditional seasoning made from roasted agave worms, adding a unique crunch and flavor to dishes.

7: Visit Ethiopia and partake in the coffee ceremony - a ritualized process of roasting, grinding, and brewing coffee, symbolizing community and hospitality.

8: Learn about the Finnish tradition of drinking Salmiakki - a strong, salty licorice-flavored liqueur enjoyed by locals and daring visitors alike.

9: End your journey in Australia with Vegemite - a savory spread made from yeast extract, loved by some and loathed by others for its unique and divisive flavor.

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