1: 1. Bird's Nest Soup: Made from bird saliva, this delicacy was banned due to environmental concerns.

2: 2. Casu Marzu Cheese: Illegal in the EU due to live insect larvae inside the cheese.

3: 3. Haggis: A traditional Scottish dish containing sheep lungs, now prohibited in the US.

4: 4. Fugu Fish: Toxic pufferfish can only be prepared by licensed chefs in Japan.

5: 5. Shark Fin Soup: Banned in several countries due to unsustainable shark finning practices.

6: 6. Absinthe: Once banned for its hallucinogenic properties, now legal with regulations.

7: 7. Sassafras Oil: Used in root beer, banned in the US for potential carcinogenic effects.

8: 8. Kinder Surprise Eggs: Chocolate eggs with toys banned in the US due to choking hazards.

9: 9. Ackee Fruit: National fruit of Jamaica, its seeds are poisonous if not ripe, causing bans.

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