1: Introduce the topic - "Delight your guests with these salsa-based appetizers!"

2: Tomato Bruschetta - "Fresh tomatoes, basil, and salsa make this bruschetta a crowd favorite."

3: Spicy Black Bean Dip - "Kick up the heat with this zesty black bean dip infused with salsa."

4: Salsa Stuffed Avocados - "Creamy avocados filled with flavorful salsa are sure to please."

5: Mango Salsa Shrimp Cups - "Tangy mango salsa paired with succulent shrimp in crispy cups."

6: Salsa Verde Chicken Skewers - "Juicy chicken skewers marinated in tangy salsa verde sauce."

7: Cheesy Salsa Quesadillas - "Melted cheese and spicy salsa sandwiched between crispy tortillas."

8: Taco Salad Bowls - "Crunchy taco salad bowls topped with fresh salsa for a light appetizer."

9: Guacamole Stuffed Jalapenos - "Spicy jalapenos filled with creamy guacamole and zesty salsa."

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