1: Introducing Hololens 2 - a cutting-edge mixed reality device that transforms the way we interact with technology.

2: Meet Moxi - the AI robot designed to assist healthcare professionals with tasks, from delivering supplies to taking vitals.

3: Experience the Tesla Bot - a humanoid robot that aims to revolutionize the manufacturing and service industries.

4: Discover Cujo AI - a smart home cybersecurity system that uses artificial intelligence to protect your devices from cyber threats.

5: Explore IBM's Project Debater - an AI system that engages in debates with humans by analyzing arguments and presenting counterpoints.

6: Learn about Aibo - a robotic pet companion that uses AI to learn and adapt to its environment.

7: Get to know Brainco - a wearable device that uses AI to help users improve focus and productivity.

8: Check out LG CLOi - a line of AI-powered robots that assist with tasks like cleaning, shopping, and entertainment.

9: Experience the Neurovalens Modius - a headset that uses AI to stimulate the brain and help users lose weight.

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