1: 1. Dance like no one's watching to burn calories 2. Try outdoor activities like hiking or kayaking 3. Use household items as workout props

2: 4. Take the stairs instead of the elevator 5. Stand while working or watching TV 6. Practice yoga or Pilates at home

3: 7. Join a virtual fitness class 8. Play sports like tennis or basketball 9. Incorporate interval training into your routine

4: 10. Garden or do yard work for physical activity 11. Walk or bike to run errands 12. Try online workout challenges

5: 13. Use resistance bands for strength training 14. Incorporate bodyweight exercises into your routine 15. Take breaks to stretch and move throughout the day

6: 16. Swim laps in a local pool 17. Attend outdoor fitness events or classes 18. Play active video games

7: 19. Join a sports league or group fitness class 20. Walk or jog in a nearby park 21. Start a home workout routine with a friend

8: 22. Try rock climbing or indoor trampolining 23. Practice Tai Chi or Qi Gong for relaxation and fitness 24. Use a standing desk at work

9: 25. Take a dance or martial arts class 26. Clean your house vigorously for a workout 27. Cycle or rollerblade in your neighborhood.

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