1: 1. Turn citrus peels into natural cleaning products. 2. Use banana peels as plant fertilizer. 3. Repurpose coffee grounds as a DIY exfoliating scrub. 4. Create vegetable broth with leftover veggie scraps. 5. Make homemade candles with old cooking oil.

2: 1. Transform apple peels into tasty fruit leather. 2. Utilize avocado pits for natural dyeing fabrics. 3. Recycle eggshells as a calcium boost for plants. 4. Turn leftover bread into homemade croutons. 5. Use tea bags to deodorize shoes and bags.

3: 1. Repurpose carrot tops into flavorful pesto. 2. Create a natural face mask with cucumber peels. 3. Use onion skins to add color to homemade broths. 4. Make a DIY body scrub with sugar and olive oil. 5. Turn corn cobs into a flavorful vegetable stock.

4: 1. Create a natural insect repellent with mint leaves. 2. Utilize pineapple cores for infused water. 3. Use watermelon rinds to make tasty pickles. 4. Preserve fresh herbs in olive oil for cooking. 5. Turn leftover nuts and seeds into homemade trail mix.

5: 1. Create a natural air freshener with orange peels. 2. Use potato peels for homemade vegetable chips. 3. Transform pumpkin seeds into a tasty snack. 4. Create a DIY facial toner with rose petals. 5. Utilize strawberry tops for infused water.

6: 1. Repurpose tomato skins to make homemade tomato powder. 2. Create a natural hair rinse with vinegar and herbs. 3. Turn leftover pasta water into a flavorful broth. 4. Utilize zucchini ends for composting. 5. Use leftover wine to create homemade vinegar.

7: 1. Create a natural dye with beet peels. 2. Turn bell pepper scraps into homemade salsa. 3. Utilize cherry pits for homemade heating pads. 4. Turn lemon peels into natural furniture polish. 5. Repurpose mushroom stems for homemade broth.

8: 1. Create a natural insect trap with apple cider vinegar. 2. Use banana peels to shine houseplants leaves. 3. Turn citrus peels into flavorful zest for cooking. 4. Repurpose ginger scraps for homemade ginger tea. 5. Utilize leftover oatmeal for homemade face scrubs.

9: 1. Create a natural hand scrub with coffee grounds. 2. Turn leftover pickle juice into flavorful marinades. 3. Utilize watermelon rinds for homemade preserves. 4. Repurpose avocado shells for homemade bowls. 5. Use leftover rice water for natural hair treatments.

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