1: Coconut oil on the keto diet is not just for cooking - try using it as a natural makeup remover.

2: Boost your energy on the keto diet by adding coconut oil to your morning coffee for a creamy treat.

3: Combat dry skin by mixing coconut oil with a few drops of essential oils for a nourishing body lotion.

4: Whip up a delicious keto-friendly dessert by using coconut oil to replace traditional baking fats.

5: Soothe any inflammation or irritation on the keto diet by applying coconut oil topically to affected areas.

6: Tame frizzy hair on the keto diet by using coconut oil as a natural hair mask or leave-in conditioner.

7: Enhance your ketogenic recipes by infusing coconut oil with herbs and spices for added flavor.

8: Create a homemade sugar scrub by mixing coconut oil with sugar and essential oils for smooth skin.

9: Get creative on the keto diet with coconut oil and make your own natural toothpaste for a fresh smile.

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