1: Discover the bizarre aye-aye, a primate with long fingers and a taste for grubs.

2: Learn about the elusive axolotl, a Mexican salamander with regenerative abilities.

3: Meet the saola, or Asian unicorn, a mysterious and critically endangered antelope.

4: Explore the otherworldly okapi, a rainforest giraffe native to the Congo.

5: Marvel at the flamboyant pink fairy armadillo, a tiny mammal with a big personality.

6: Encounter the adorable yet elusive pangolin, the world's most trafficked mammal.

7: Learn about the surreal yet majestic mantis shrimp, with the fastest punch in the animal kingdom.

8: Discover the bizarre yet beautiful narwhal, a mythical creature come to life in the Arctic.

9: Behold the incredible yet endangered shoebill stork, a prehistoric-looking bird from Africa.

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