1: Myth: Eating carrots improves eyesight. Fact: Carrots have vitamin A, but won't enhance vision.

2: Myth: Microwaves destroy nutrients in food. Fact: Microwaving can retain more nutrients than other methods.

3: Myth: Brown eggs are healthier than white. Fact: Egg color doesn't affect nutritional value.

4: Myth: Sugar causes hyperactivity in children. Fact: Studies show no direct link between sugar and behavior.

5: Myth: eating celery burns more calories than it contains. Fact: Negative calorie foods are a myth, including celery.

6: Myth: Raw foods are more nutritious than cooked. Fact: Some nutrients are more easily absorbed when cooked.

7: Myth: Alcohol burns off during cooking. Fact: Alcohol content isn't completely eliminated through cooking.

8: Myth: Fast food is cheaper than cooking at home. Fact: Cooking at home can be more cost-effective than dining out.

9: Myth: Organic food is always healthier. Fact: Organic doesn't guarantee superior nutrition or safety.

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