1: 1. Lost at Sea: A sailor survives 76 days adrift in the Pacific Ocean. 2. Trapped in a Cave: A climber survives 10 days trapped in a Colorado cave.

2: 3. Alone in the Wilderness: A man survives 6 months in the Alaskan bush. 4. Shark Attack: A surfer survives a shark attack off the coast of Hawaii.

3: 5. Stranded in the Desert: A hiker survives 5 days without water in the Sahara. 6. Plane Crash: A woman survives a plane crash in the Amazon rainforest.

4: 7. Avalanche: A skier survives being buried alive for 5 days in the Swiss Alps. 8. Bear Attack: A camper survives a grizzly bear attack in Yellowstone National Park.

5: 9. Shipwrecked: A crew member survives 4 days on a sinking ship in the Atlantic. 10. Mountain Fall: A climber survives a 300-foot fall in the Himalayas.

6: 11. Abducted: A woman survives a kidnapping and escapes her captors after 3 days. 12. Tsunami: A family survives a tsunami in Indonesia by clinging to a tree.

7: 13. Hostage: A journalist survives being held captive for 2 years in war-torn Syria. 14. Blizzard: A skier survives a blizzard in the Canadian Rockies for 4 days.

8: 15. Lightning Strike: A man survives being struck by lightning while hiking in Arizona. 16. Drowning: A swimmer survives being swept out to sea for 6 hours.

9: 17. Riptide: A surfer survives being caught in a riptide off the coast of California. 18. Train Accident: A passenger survives a train derailment by escaping through a window.

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