1: Warm Up Burpees - Jump, squat, plank, and jump again to get your blood flowing.

2: Hip Flexor Stretch - Keep hips flexible to prevent strains and injuries.

3: Shoulder Rotations - Improve flexibility and prevent shoulder injuries with this simple exercise.

4: Calf Raises - Strengthen calves and prevent ankle injuries with this exercise.

5: Glute Bridges - Strengthen your glutes to improve mobility and prevent lower back pain.

6: Plank - Strengthen your core and prevent injuries with this full-body exercise.

7: Leg Swings - Keep your hamstrings and hip flexors flexible to prevent injuries.

8: Tricep Dips - Strengthen triceps and prevent shoulder injuries with this exercise.

9: Cool Down Stretches - Stretch out your muscles to prevent tightness and injury.

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