1: "Giant Weta, the world's heaviest insect, found in Amazon Rainforest."

2: "Mantis Shrimp, with superhuman speed and strength, lurking in Amazon waters."

3: "Amazon Horned Frog, ambush predator with eerie horn-like projections."

4: "Okapi, the mysterious half-zebra, half-giraffe species uncovered in Amazon."

5: "Glass Frog, translucent skin revealing internal organs in Amazon forests."

6: "Pink Dolphin, rare freshwater species swimming in Amazon River."

7: "Kapok Tree, home to 80% of Amazon Rainforest's diverse wildlife."

8: "Blue Morpho Butterfly, stunning iridescent wings in Amazon skies."

9: "Goliath Bird-Eater, colossal spider with size and strength in Amazon."

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