1: Embark on a cosmic journey through time with these 7 mind-bending theories on space-time manipulation.

2: Einstein's theory of general relativity suggests massive objects can warp space-time, potentially enabling time travel.

3: Could wormholes be the secret to bending space-time? These hypothetical tunnels could offer shortcuts through the universe.

4: Quantum entanglement allows particles to communicate instantly, opening up the possibility of controlling space-time.

5: Multiverse theory posits the existence of parallel universes, each with its own version of time and space.

6: Is time travel possible through black holes? These cosmic phenomena may hold the key to navigating space-time.

7: The concept of time loops suggests that events could repeat themselves, allowing for a form of time travel.

8: Can we manipulate the fabric of space-time with advanced technology? Scientists are exploring the possibilities.

9: Discover the mysteries of cosmic time travel and delve into the fascinating world of bending the fabric of space.

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