1: Forgotten Kings and Queens - Meet the little-known rulers of obscure dynasties from around the world.

2: The Forgotten King of Navarre, Sancho VI, and his lesser-known reign over the Kingdom of Navarre.

3: Uncover the story of Queen Tamar, the powerful female ruler of Georgia in the 12th century.

4: The mysterious tale of King Menelik II, the forgotten monarch of Abyssinia in the 19th century.

5: Diving into the history of Queen Ranavalona I, the ruthless ruler of Madagascar in the 19th century.

6: Discover the forgotten dynasty of the Emperors of Ethiopia, including Emperor Yohannes IV.

7: The enigmatic King Radama I, the forgotten ruler of the Merina Kingdom in 19th-century Madagascar.

8: Unveil the unknown reign of Sultan Bolkiah, the forgotten Sultan of Brunei in the 15th century.

9: The legacy of the forgotten kings and queens of obscure dynasties revealed in this fascinating collection of stories.

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