1: Experience potato perfection with these 3 roasting methods that elevate your side dish game.

2: Crispy and flavorful, try roasting potatoes with olive oil and herbs for a classic dish.

3: For a spicy kick, coat potato wedges in paprika and cayenne pepper before roasting.

4: Level up your side dish with garlic and parmesan roasted potatoes for a savory delight.

5: Make your potatoes shine by roasting them with butter and rosemary for a fragrant touch.

6: Indulge in roasted sweet potatoes with cinnamon and brown sugar for a sweet and savory treat.

7: Twice baked potatoes are a deliciously creamy and cheesy option for any meal.

8: Add a twist with roasted red potatoes and bacon for a mouthwatering flavor explosion.

9: Roasting potatoes is the ultimate way to achieve perfection as a side dish. Try these methods today!

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