1: The Axolotl, a Mexican salamander, regrows lost limbs effortlessly.

2: The Blobfish, with its unique appearance, lives in deep waters.

3: The Pangolin, a scaly mammal, is the most trafficked animal.

4: The Okapi, with zebra-like stripes, is a relative of the giraffe.

5: The Aye-aye has a long, bony middle finger for finding food.

6: The Saola, a rare ox-like mammal, is critically endangered.

7: The Leafy Sea Dragon camouflages itself with seaweed-like appendages.

8: The Mantis Shrimp has powerful claws that can break aquarium glass.

9: The Pink Fairy Armadillo, the smallest armadillo species, is nocturnal.

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