1: Indulge in traditional shrimp scampi with garlic, butter, and white wine.

2: Try a spicy twist with Sriracha shrimp scampi for a fiery kick.

3: Savor the flavors of lemon and parsley in a refreshing lemon shrimp scampi.

4: Experience a taste of the Mediterranean with Greek-style shrimp scampi.

5: Explore Asian flavors with soy sauce and ginger in Asian-inspired shrimp scampi.

6: Get creative by adding sun-dried tomatoes and spinach to your shrimp scampi.

7: Elevate your dish with a creamy Alfredo shrimp scampi sauce.

8: Go coastal with a seafood lovers' dream of shrimp scampi with scallops and clams.

9: Finish with a decadent lobster tail shrimp scampi for a luxurious twist on a classic dish.

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