1: "Pumping Iron" showcases Arnold Schwarzenegger's journey to becoming a bodybuilding legend.

2: "Fed Up" exposes the truth about the food industry and its impact on our health.

3: "Born Strong" follows four strongman competitors as they prepare for the Arnold Strongman Classic.

4: "The Game Changers" explores the benefits of a plant-based diet on athletic performance.

5: "Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead" documents one man's journey to health through juicing and fitness.

6: "Bigger, Stronger, Faster" delves into the world of performance-enhancing drugs in sports.

7: "Fittest on Earth" follows elite CrossFit athletes as they compete for the title of the world's fittest.

8: "Strong" tells the story of Cheryl Haworth, a weightlifter who overcomes personal struggles to compete in the Olympics.

9: "Iron Mind" follows five individuals as they take on the challenge of completing an Ironman triathlon.

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