1: Yoga and Indigenous Wisdom Discover the ancient roots of yoga and how Indigenous traditions enrich modern practice.

2: Honoring Ancestral Traditions Learn how to pay respect to the wisdom of our ancestors and incorporate their teachings into your yoga practice.

3: Connecting to the Earth Explore ways to deepen your connection to nature and incorporate Indigenous wisdom into your practice.

4: Mindfulness and Meditation Discover how Indigenous wisdom can enhance mindfulness and meditation techniques in yoga practice.

5: Cultivating Gratitude Learn how to cultivate gratitude and honor the land and people who have passed down ancestral teachings.

6: Spiritual Alignment Explore the spiritual alignment that comes from integrating Indigenous wisdom into your yoga practice.

7: Community and Connection Discover the power of community and connection in honoring ancestral traditions within the yoga community.

8: Healing and Transformation Explore how Indigenous wisdom can promote healing and transformation in both the individual and collective practice of yoga.

9: Embracing Diversity Learn how honoring Indigenous wisdom can promote diversity and inclusivity in the yoga community, fostering a deeper understanding of traditional practices.

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