1: Ziva David's legacy is defined by her strength and intelligence both on and off screen. Her words of wisdom inspire all who hear them.

2: "Never apologize for being smart." Ziva's unwavering confidence and intelligence set her apart as a role model for women everywhere.

3: "Family is everything." Ziva's dedication to her NCIS team and her father's legacy show the importance of family bonds.

4: "Embrace your uniqueness." Ziva's unique background and skills make her a standout character in the world of television.

5: "Strength comes from within." Ziva's resilience in the face of adversity is a testament to her inner strength and determination.

6: "Actions speak louder than words." Ziva's ability to get the job done without needing to boast or brag is a lesson in humility.

7: "Never forget where you come from." Ziva's Israeli roots and heritage are a source of pride and strength for her character.

8: "Love is worth fighting for." Ziva's complex relationships and romantic entanglements show the power of love in all its forms.

9: Ziva David's legacy lives on through her words of wisdom, inspiring others to be strong, confident, and true to themselves.

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